A cookie is a data unit stored on the users drive that can contain personal information about the user.

Information about our use of cookies can be found below. By getting information and/or use services on our web pages you consent to the setting of cookies in your browser since most browsers are configured to automatically accept cookies. Should you not accept our use of cookies you can withdraw your consent by changing your browsers configuration. Please note that this may impact the functionality of the site.

Google Adsense

We use Google Adsense for delivering advertising.

Google Adsense uses cookies for frequency capping, aggregated ad reporting, and to combat fraud and abuse.

If you are in California, the United Kingdom or the EEA area cookies will not be used to collect personal data for ads personalization.

Information on how Google uses collected information can be found here. Detailed information about Google Adsense use of cookies can be found here.

Session cookie

We use a cookie for temporary storage of the sites state. This is a so called 'session cookie' which means that it is deleted when the browser is closed.

Cookie warning

We use cookies to keep track of your acceptance or postponing of the cookie warning.